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Response to Obama's executive orders should come at the ballot box [Letter]

It is interesting to note that Bill Clinton was impeached when he was president of the U.S. not for his improper behavior with an intern but for his constant lying to Congress — serious actions which were definitely misdemeanors ("Impeachment-lite," July 31).

"Impeachment" is an expression that is loosely being cast around in contemporary America, and apparently it is a boastful threat full of sound and fury which is becoming louder and louder as the number of executive orders from President Barack Obama is increasing.

Congress probably will never accumulate enough votes for impeachment. Therefore, it presently appears that the most effective avenue which could be used in punishing and controlling President Obama and to make him realize that he is supposed to be the president of a democratic nation and not its dictator would be a visit to the voting booths on November 4.

Quinton D. Thompson, Towson

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