The horror of a Hillary Clinton presidency [Letter]

Thank you to William L. Jacobsen Jr. for his commentary in The Baltimore Sun ("President Hillary Clinton," July 31).

As a woman reader of The Sun, I'm feeling as though this commentary is the first draft for one to be written on Wednesday, November 9, 2016.


I'm also feeling that the same lingo about President Barack Obama will be a tagline for Ms. Clinton. If we didn't want Barack Obama to become president of the United States we are racist. If we don't want Hilary Clinton to be president of the United States we are misogynists. In both cases, the divide and conquer mentality will cause some people to submit to that stupid mantra of "The First American President to be (pick your modifier)."

Mr. Jacobsen has been an ambassador, educator and diplomat all over the world. Can he see that the worst abusers of women and children are Planned Parenthood, the National Organization for Women and NARAL? Can he see that these organizations say they are for women's rights when they absolutely are not? First they deprive us of our virginity, then they deprive us of our maternity. They deprive us of the right to say no. They refuse to give us information, even when we run around the block a trillion times to raise money for them. Why should we, women, sterilize ourselves for a lifetime when our ova are viable for only a few days? They refuse to tell the truth to us because there is no money in it.


Of Mr. Jacobsen's many accolades regarding Ms. Clinton's imagined presidency is despotic leaders shuddering about how women are treated. In my opinion, that imagined presidency would be a death knell for women and children all over the world. Not even Ms. Clinton's daughter and granddaughters deserve to be lied to. Not even Ms. Clinton's grandchildren deserve to die by abortion.

I don't know what commentary I'll read or write on Wednesday, November 9, 2016. The face of a beautiful or even not-so beautiful woman in that edition of The Baltimore Sun must be the face of a truthful woman who confronts the enemies of her culture and her time. Do you have any other woman in mind?

Dolores Orlando, Towson


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