Hamas can't be trusted, only defeated [Letter]

The Palestinians are certainly the biggest liars and hypocrites in the world ("The way forward in Gaza," July 25).

On the one hand they claim they have no idea why Israel is attacking them, yet they have fired thousands of rockets into Israel and have built more than 40 tunnels deep into Israeli territory so they can infiltrate heavily armed terrorists to murder and kidnap Israeli citizens.


And these are strong, concrete tunnels located under schools and civilian targets. What is Hamas planning? Wholesale invasion? Or maybe just blowing up schools? These tunnels were built for war.

Hamas does not want peace. The Palestinians want to destroy Israel and replace it with a Palestinian state. It's as simple as that.


Hamas is just like any other Islamic terrorist organization — al-Qaida, ISIS, etc. These are the people who gave us 9/11 and Benghazi. They are our enemies.

We should not be giving aid and comfort to Hamas. We should be supporting Israel so it can defeat the Islamic terrorists. Let this be a turning point in the war against Islamic terrorism. Let this serve as an example to other Islamic terrorist organizations that they can be beaten.

Gary J. Kaplowitz, Baltimore


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