Peroutka got smeared by Hogan and Sun [Letter]

The recent attack on Mike Anthony Peroutka by the political establishment as well as The Baltimore Sun and its subsidiary publications is nothing less than character assassination in an attempt to kill his candidacy for Anne Arundel County Council ("Hogan, GOP concerned about Arundel candidate's ties to secessionist group," July 25).

Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan's disavowal of Mr. Peroutka incorrectly implies that he had avowed him to start with. Mr. Hogan's campaign manager's statement, "Those views have never been part of the Republican Party..." is vague and lacks clarity about what "those views" are. For The Sun to print this story with no evidence that Mr. Peroutka is anything but a respected scholar and teacher of the U.S. Constitution is unfortunate.


If Mr. Peroutka is a racist, why did he give Eric Knowles, who is African-American, favorable coverage when he ran for governor? If he is a racist, why does he feature commentaries from Robert Broadus, who is also African-American? And for The Sun to cite the Southern Poverty Law Center in its articles as a credible reference to label any individual or group as racist only shows a total lack of journalistic responsibility.

The SPLC considers anyone who believes in the Constitution and or the Bible extremist. It has listed former presidential candidate Charles Baldwin, Gun Owners of America's Larry Pratt and Tenth Amendment Center's Michael Boldin in its Hate Watch. The same organization also paints great people like libertarian blogger Lew Rockwell and Judge Andrew Napolitano as extremists. SPLC even consulted with Homeland Security to label pro-lifers, third party activists and patriots as a threat. SPLC's portrayal of the League of the South as a "hate group" is just another meaningless label.


This is yellow journalism at its worst, aimed at one of Maryland's finest constitutional statesmen.

Mike Hargadon, Emmitsburg


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