Israel has a right to defend itself [Letter]

Recent anti-Israel rants in your Letters to the Editor column inadvertently show why Israel's existence is so important ("Israel is a failed state that should be dismantled," July 22).

To many people, Jews have no right to exist, not even in the sliver of the Middle East that has been their historic homeland for 3,000 years.

Even a cursory glance at the charters of the PLO, Hamas and other groups, many dating from before the so-called "occupation," make this clear.

Does anyone doubt what would happen if the Palestinians and their friends were to take over Israel? And what would be the fate of Christians, given recent events in Egypt (destruction of the Coptic churches) and Iraq (conversion, taxes, or death)?

Israel withdrew from Gaza a decade ago, and even dismantled its settlements there. The Palestinians used the opportunity to plant rockets.

As has often been said, they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Jeff Schumer, Baltimore

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