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Thanks from a musician's mom [Letter]

I just read Susan Reimer's wonderful column in The Baltimore Sun and it took me back through the past six months to relive the amazing experience my son Thomas and the boys have been through ("Collabro hits all the right notes," July 19).

It has been one hell of a roller coaster ride, ups and downs, twists and turns and it's all still crazy and go, go, go for the boys. I can't tell you how proud I am of Thomas and I know all the other boys have tremendous support from their families. We certainly have been living the dream with them.

I haven't seen Thomas since the finals as we live too far away for a day trip but the good news is that Collabro will be singing in our smallish hometown of Louth in Lincolnshire in September. Thomas was quoted in our local paper as saying "But for me, I just can't wait to come home."

Our local papers and radio stations have been fantastically supportive. All too often the press gets a bad name and I thank you for continuing that support.

I can't imagine what the future holds for our boys but just hope with all my heart that they hold on to their dream.

Gabriella McCree, Louth, England

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