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Why is Mikulski trying to 'fix' the Supreme Court's decision? [Letter]

On her website, Sen. Barbara Mikulski proclaims that she is joining other senators to introduce a "legislative fix to protect women's health" following the Supreme Court's recent decision in the Hobby Lobby case. Whether you are for abortion or against abortion, whether you think your employer should cover all birth control or not, whether you are a women or a man, this bill should bother you.

Why? Because our Founding Fathers created three branches of government to check and balance each other. In years past, if an issue came before the Supreme Court, the decision was final, end of discussion.

Today, we have the Democrats of the Senate, rushing a bill that is in support of women to have all forms of birth control available to them to "fix" the Supreme Court decision. This is very unsettling. We have the Supreme Court for a reason. Please do not allow our country and especially Maryland to violate the sanctity of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the government. If we allow this bill to be passed without our voice being heard, It will weaken our country on every issue.

As a woman, I take affront that the Democratic Party thinks I can't speak up for myself in regard to what health care I want provided. If I need an employer solely based on whether it provides for abortion or not, that's for me to research and make changes accordingly on my own. If I need an employer based on whether they provide abortion, I think I need more than what a bill passed through Congress can do.

Kelli Kirchner, Cumberland

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