Let's fire the Balto. Co. Council [Letter]

Speaking on behalf of myself and not the new Norwood Holabird Community Association, I think people should be aware of what went on at the Baltimore County Council work session on July 1. I went only to be shocked at the way our county leaders acted, demonstrating flat out no respect for Dundalk at all ("Plans for Towson, Dundalk projects move forward," July 7).

When it came to the sale of the North Point Government Center, Karen Cruz was cut short by Councilwoman Cathy Bevins. Whenever people from Dundalk spoke, the big O (Councilman John A. Olszewski Sr.) sat there spinning back and forth in his chair like a child gloating in the disaster he created. Again, the people spoke to deaf ears. The people we put in office have not only turned their backs on us, once again they are laughing at us to our faces. I have seen with my own eyes members of the County Council rolling their eyes, making gestures to one another, one even getting up and leaving never to return. I heard a lot of good reasons on why this sale should not take place, but your county government does not care about you or what you think. It's all about what they want and not you, your neighbors or our children.

Essex-Middle River gained a park when they tore down the drug-infested Mars Estates. And good old Dundalk loses one. It's time for Dundalk to get these — I'll be nice and say, people — out of office. Do not vote for any of these officials to get back in office. It's time we stand up and say that's enough. It's time to do some cleaning in Towson and put out the trash. We need fresh faces running for the people, not the same stale, too-comfortable people who disrespect the people who put them there in the first place. In corporate America if you make a bad call, you're fired. Same should be for the Baltimore County Council. The minute you slack off or screw up, you're fired. Let's fire the whole bunch and start fresh.

Joe Greiser, Dundalk

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