Cheney has wreaked havoc [Letter]

Sunday's cartoon by Kevin Kallaugher regarding Richard Cheney was right on ("The Cheney tour," July 6)!

Single-handedly behind the scenes, Mr. Cheney has wreaked more havoc than any other American citizen ever.

In 1976, he met with three other Republicans and they started the movement that led to the marriage of corporate and congressional economic interests which have eliminated the distancing from corporate influence that is supposed to exist when congressional members are elected. After Desert Storm, he loudly asserted that we couldn't have gone into Baghdad and finished the job because it would split the country into fighting factions. As vice president during the second Bush administration, he called the shots and led us into a war in the wrong country, which has bankrupted America, left many military men and women dead or maimed, and caused the fighting factions among Iraqi citizens which he had formerly deplored.

Many of my acquaintances (members of both parties and independents) have long eschewed Mr. Cheney and been horrified that any single person could be allowed by a political party to wield so much influence. He has done more damage to his native country and what America used to stand for than any foreign terrorist could ever do — yet only because American citizens sat on their hands and did nothing.

Celie Hanauer, Abingdon

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