Cut funding for Morgan's NASA research [Letter]

If my tax dollars were being spent on hard research generating hard scientific data and conclusions, I might be somewhat less offended at this taxpayer waste ("Morgan State warned of problems with its largest research program," June 25). However, Morgan researchers "study" ecosystems in order to develop "media outreach" (public relations) "to engage the public with stories of NASA's space exploration." Fluff! Why not write a book or issue a public service announcement? If President Barack Obama and Congress are looking to trim waste (of course, they are not), start with the University Space Research Program. What Morgan is engaging in is not research, it's "study," something less than serious academics.

Perhaps even more disturbing than the waste is Morgan President David Wilson's response to the grant's required documentation. He says to log in each hour spent on the project is "quite onerous." How haughty and arrogant on Mr. Wilson's part to think that accountability of my tax dollar is "quite onerous." Little wonder that Morgan has been in the throes of disruption for what seems to be for an eternity.

Craig R. Piette

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