Help me, Cathy Bevins [Letter]

Well, I guess it is congratulations to Baltimore County Council Chairwoman Cathy Bevins in winning the Democratic primary election in District 6 ("Two Balto. Co. councilman lose seats in election," June 25)! Her campaign commitments of "your priorities are my priorities," public safety and protecting our children, "answering seniors' calls for help," "quality of life issues for local residents" and "being the true voice of the people" allow her to come out on top despite all of the mudslinging.

She states that any constituent concerns will always be her priority, and when something like a code violation or blight of any kind exists, it would be her priority for that day.

Only there is a big negative here, Ms. Bevins has been provided with at least 20 violations on our home street that have not been addressed. Many could be satisfied if there was proper law enforcement. Now, her territory expands with redistricting and our circumstances are likely to be lost and forgotten in the shuffle!

As for the Middle River and the mall outlet plans, jobs are good, but the added traffic will not be welcomed. The Route 43 corridor is already jammed in the mornings and afternoons. With no access to westbound Interstate 695, drivers cut over at Walther Avenue to gain access to either Joppa Road or Putty Hill Avenue. When Putty Hill is jammed in the mornings, we residents know that the Baltimore Beltway is backed up which makes it difficult for us to get out legally. None of this is fair or right.

During her campaign, Ms. Bevins claimed she wants to keep neighborhoods safe, and that's what I've been fighting for — the safe neighborhood we once had. How many more deaths will have to occur because of illegal trespassing before Councilwoman Bevins takes the initiative to protect our neighborhood? There have been four hit-and-runs, a dog killed, property damage and damage to parked cars on what is not legally a through street.

We have lived here for more than 50 years and at our age we should not have to fight for zoning compliance when it is the law. What we have had to endure over the years has just been unconscionable. We were accustomed to living in a safe haven here on this cul-de-sac, and that's the reason why people bought homes here. There was no traffic! Now, we are no better off than those who reside on a through street!

Janet Keplinger, Parkville

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