Distressed to see such low turnout [Letter]

I can't remember a primary in which I didn't vote. I can't even recall a primary in which I didn't volunteer to help a candidate. Yesterday was no different. Therefore it was heartbreaking to stand on a corner to hand out material and have no one to give it to. Not only did it make me sad, it made me angry ("Excuse us while we don't bother to vote," June 25).

Dan Rodricks points out the struggles voters elsewhere endure to cast their ballots. However, his lecture won't change the American culture of detachment and selfishness. So many folks today prefer living in the artificial realm of the Internet where it's easy to create a perfect universe.

I've had long experience volunteering for primary contenders and witnessed firsthand the amount of work, expense and psychic energy involved in asking for votes. Civic duty may be is a thing of the past and as a result, our way of life may become a thing of the past. That thought scares me.

R. N. Ellis, Baltimore

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