Rotten apples among Baltimore's finest [Letter]

The majority of police officers in Baltimore City are brave men and women who work hard to keep us safe and are underpaid for their efforts. However, in every basket there are a few bad apples.

The two officers that killed someone's pet dog last week are not good cops ("Baltimore police suspend another officer in dog killing," June 19). They are sadistic monsters and potential serial killers in waiting.

The one who held that poor, already restrained animal is just as guilty as the one who took the knife across its throat.

If an aggressive animal can upset them so much that they panic and do such a terrible thing, they do not belong on the force.

How about the people who deliver our mail, also UPS and Federal Express? How about delivery men who carry pepper spray or dog treats? They don't carry knives. It's frightening to think that police officers are carrying knives and guns if they scare that easily.

If these two officers don't both lose their jobs I will completely lose respect for the police department and the criminal justice system in Baltimore City.

Grace Lamana, Severna Park

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