Israel has done its part to make peace [Letter]

Letter writer Ray Gordon conveniently overlooks historical fact and present-day reality when he accuses Israel of failing to accommodate the demands of the Palestinian Authority under the unified government of Fatah and Hamas ("U.S. should hold Israel accountable," June 18).

After the declaration of Israeli statehood by the United Nations in 1948, Israel was willing to accept the sharply diminished area allotted to it. Unfortunately, the combined Arab states, with the active participation of the Palestinian Arabs, chose not to do so and took over the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem, rendering the entire territory under their control Judenrein by exodus or massacre.

Ever since then Israel has made generous peace offers — first to Jordan, which took control of the Arab Palestinian territories, and then to successive Palestinian leaders, including Yasir Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas — only to be met with two intifadas and continued rocket attacks and suicide bombings aimed at destroying the Jewish state.

The writer also fails to mention the fact that Israel has supplied not only funds but medical help to the Palestinian Arabs, including the treatment of Mr. Abbas' wife in a hospital in Tel Aviv and for the daughter of the Hamas leader.

Teenagers who have participated in rock- and Molotov cocktail-throwing that has injured, and in some cases killed, Israeli citizens are not innocent children, and their detention is warranted to protect the lives of Israeli civilians. And speaking of teenagers, what kind of people would cheer and celebrate the kidnapping and possible murder of three Israeli teenagers?

Nelson Marans, Silver Spring

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