Ship immigrant children back home [Letter]

I have a suggestion on housing the illegal immigrant children ("U.S. eyeing new Md. sites for immigrant children," June 18). All of our elected officials who are advocating that we move illegal immigrants from Texas to Maryland should adopt at least two of these children. They should prove their compassion by making them part of their family and paying their food, health and education bills.

I feel sorry that these children were abandoned by parents who had no regard for their safety. Where do we stop? There are millions of children around the world who have miserable lives. Should we open our borders and let them all in? Everyone knows we can't afford to let everyone come here. And what about own poor children? Shouldn't they come first?

The government is proposing to spend billions to move the children, create temporary housing facilities, provide health care and education. Why don't they spend this money in the Central American countries and let the children go home?

Previously, criminals would move illegal immigrants from the border to places inside the country. Now, the government officials do this job for them. Clearly, the government is violating our immigration laws that make helping people to cross our borders a criminal activity. It seems the government can ignore any law.

Stanley J. Glinka, Ellicott City

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