How to keep GDP low? Stifle competition [Letter]

The Sun's business section offered an interesting juxtaposition of articles on the front page recently. One explained how the state's gross domestic product is among the lowest in the nation while another article observed a fight over a shopping center ("Retail battle declared in White Marsh," June 15).

In the retail battle article, the owners of a mall in White Marsh came out against the building of a new "outlet mall" because they believe that it will take away business from their retail clients. Never mind that when their own mall was built, it surely took business away from other retail stores in the area at that time.

If the current mall owners are successful, they will keep the new mall from being built in order to stifle competition. One wonders if they will also be successful in helping to keep Maryland's GDP growth among the lowest in the nation.

Arnold Miller, Timonium

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