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Sun erred in not endorsing Jaffe for governor [Letter]

The Sun's endorsement of Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown in the Democratic gubernatorial primary elicits major concerns among the students of the Ralph Jaffe for governor movement to get rid of corruption in Maryland politics ("Brown for governor," June 14).

You minimized Mr. Brown's role in the disastrous health insurance exchange launch and even passed the buck to Gov. Martin O'Malley.

What is most alarming is your assertion that Mr. Brown "inherits the legacy of his eight-year partnership with Governor O'Malley." According to your point of view, that is a good thing.

From my perspective, however, Mr. Brown is merely a rubber-stamp puppet of the governor, which means a continuation of the same old, same old policies that Marylanders have endured for the last eight years.

The fact that Mr. Brown has probably collected around $15 million in campaign contributions (more than $800,000 of which was raised in the last three week) is indicative of his skill in promoting his self-serving interests as a career politician.

I question the criteria your paper used in arriving at your endorsement. What happened to a person's character, trust and integrity as measures of evaluation? How do these apply to Mr. Brown, state Attorney General Douglas L. Gansler and Del. Heather Mizeur?

The way your paper described these three candidates in the endorsement leads me to the following conclusion: Your political reporters write with blinders in their eyes. Most of your editors read with their eyes closed and, with all due respect, the editorial board is comatose.

Unfortunately, the losers in this scenario are the voters of Maryland, who have been denied access to a full picture of all the candidates in the Democratic gubernatorial primary, including the Jaffe movement to get rid of political corruption in our state.

Ralph Jaffe, Baltimore

The writer is a Democratic candidate for governor.

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