Double standard in Machado suspension [Letter]

Does anyone recall last season's July 27 game with Boston when a "mature" David Ortiz started a loud argument with the home plate umpire who called him out on strikes? The Red Sox player was physically restrained by his teammates, but he continued to shout at the umpire all the while, went into the visitor's dugout, annihilated the wall telephone with three swings of the bat, almost hitting a teammate in the head (the teammate had to duck to avoid being annihilated along with the phone) and came back out and continued to shout at the umpire.

Of course, Mr. Ortiz was ejected from the game. This incident happened on a Friday night. I waited patiently all weekend, expecting the announcement of his suspension the following Monday, but that announcement never came. Since Manny Machado was suspended for his actions during the weekend series with Oakland ("Orioles hope Manny Machado learns from wake-up call while he's still young," June 10), Major League Baseball should suspend David Ortiz retroactively.

Joan Shaull, Baltimore

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