Cheerleaders should know better [Letter]

How childish, immature and senseless was the Towson University cheerleaders' hazing ritual ("Towson U. hazing details released," June 4).

The veteran cheerleaders taunted the new ones by having them wear diapers, offering them alcohol (some were under 21) and blindfolded them during the ritual. Where was the cheerleading coach? Did she know this was going on?

I'm glad university officials suspended the team for a semester. And I will say to the veteran cheerleaders what I said to the Salisbury fraternity members who were recently caught up in a hazing scandal: Where is your creativity? Why not have the new members help some children from an impoverished area? Perhaps read with them or teach them a craft? And why not invite some prospective high school seniors to the campus and show them around?

No fun you say? Perhaps, but a heck of a lot better than the poorly conceived rites hatched by team members who should have known better.

David Boyd, White Hall

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