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Congress shares blame for VA woes [Letter]

Why should Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki resign ("Veterans Affairs chief apologizes for problems, to meet with Obama," May 30)? Members of Congress should be the ones resigning. Mr. Shinseki inherited a problem-laden system and there was no call from the people who started the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to spend time from 2001 to now in preparation for the returning veterans and the care they would need in the future.

Once again, we have grandstanding and red herrings. If they got rid of Mr. Shinseki, they can point fingers around and say, "we fixed the problem."

Now, a real exercise in problem-solving (from both parties) would be to come together and design solutions to problems that have accumulated through the years until now with the VA system. But that would require real work, and acknowledging the lack of previous attention to the years of problems which started long before Mr. Shinseki's time.

Celie Hanauer, Abingdon

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