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VA makes it hard for veterans to get the care they need [Letter]

I am a disabled veteran with some knowledge about the problems encountered by vets ("VA's troubles deep-rooted," May 21).

I know how they lose your application or deny your claims without any real care for the veteran. How they make it easier to walk away from VA services than fighting for your rights. How we are given appointment after appointment but the care, even if given, is just replicated discovery of the problem rather than ongoing treatment. Veterans travel many miles for care and pay $50 for the right to be seen only to have nothing done for them. This happens in Maryland all the time.

We could eliminate a whole lot of backlog just by taking the service disability rating and applying it to the veterans status. Then the only question would be to increase the rating or not. The savings from eliminating duplication of services would be amazing and the backlog would largely disappear.

Get a group of veterans together to learn about our problems dealing with the VA. We could offer real insight into how badly we are treated. If the veterans don't see the benefits of continuing to fight for their rights inside the system then maybe the problem lies with the system.

Everett L. Baker

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