Graduates can learn from those they disagree with [Letter]

It appears that letter writer Ladd Everitt of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence espouses the view that graduates can only learn lessons from someone who agrees with their political stance and would support the unfortunate protests against Dr. Ben Carson and Condoleezza Rice which caused their withdrawal from graduation ceremonies only because of their GOP connections and single issue considerations ("Carey speaker should answer for NRA ties," May 21). Visa CEO Charles W. Scharf is the leader of a major company with credit cards all over the world and supporting or involved with hundreds or thousands of businesses. Yet Mr. Everitt would concentrate on this one aspect of the business and deny graduates any insight that Mr. Scharf might give.

Next, I decry the use of the word unsavory in this obviously biased and shortsighted letter. As usual, Mr. Everitt and his organization ignore that gun control as he proposes only hurts the law abiding gun owner, does nothing to deter crime, only helps felons make us easier targets and that crime goes down when and where citizens have the right to carry and protect themselves.

J.C. Gordon, Towson

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