Don't mess with Triple Crown [Letter]

Twice in recent days you have let the stupid opinion that we hear every year at this time be aired in your publication, first by Stuart Janney and then again by Peter Schmuck ("A year after Triple Crown spotlight, Stuart Janney III reflects on horse racing in Maryland," May 11). That is the notion that we ought to change the Triple Crown to make it easier for a horse to win it.

Any tinkering would be spitting in the eyes of the great horses of history that have, without any whining or belly aching, achieved one of he toughest feats in sports. This makes about as much sense as the Baltimore City school system passing kids that can't read and write. People come every time a horse wins the first two legs because they know how hard it is. If you make it so easy that it happens every year, it will become ho hum and no one will notice.

Before Secretariat, I thought I might not get the privilege to see one. When he crossed the finish line of the Belmont Stakes, I was standing against the fence nearby, a spot I camped out at all day just for the chance to see history in the making. I consider myself blessed that I have seen Seattle Slew and Alydar and Affirmed (a double triple) in my lifetime. Only human beings can mess with something so amazing that it could only happen naturally. Please don't screw it up!

Steven Davidson, New Windsor

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