Ehrlich's small business rhetoric rings hollow [Letter]

I always have to laugh when I read Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s column in your paper. He's always pitching his fantasy of the Republican party as the champion of "small business," when in fact we all know the Republican party is the champion of big, multinational corporations, not small businesses. ("Building a business is bad under Obama," May 11.)

A more truthful storyline would be if Bob Ehrlich's "Nancy" were to try to start a small business selling "widgets" only to run up against "Widgicorp," a huge multinational corporation with a Super PAC at the ready to lobby Congress. Nancy tries to get her business started, but without deep pockets and an army of lawyers, Nancy is forced to abandon her ideas of starting a business and takes a minimum wage job at "Widgicorp," but since the Republicans in Congress blocked an increase in the minimum wage, Nancy's salary is insufficient to pay for food and a roof over her head, and she is forced to apply for food stamps and live in public housing. Meanwhile the fat cats at "Widgicorp" slip another million-dollar campaign donation to the RNC and fly off to the Caribbean in their private jet with the profits from their corporate tax break safely stashed in an offshore bank account.

Now there's a storyline with the ring of truth to it.

William Smith, Baltimore

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