Troubled by smart meters [Letter]

I could not agree more that there is a serious problem with installing utility company smart meters that have not been tested on animals for long term effects ("Indoor meters present challenges in smart-meter rollout," April 28).

I have heard many stories and have no idea if any are true or not. But what if they are? If you ask BGE there are no issues. However:


I live in a condo and will have 13 meters behind the head of my bed.

I have had cancer three times and am fairly certain that the radiation from my first cancer caused the third cancer. I do not want or need any additional radiation in any form.


I have heard from friends that their bills, after smart-meter installation, have gone up.

Fires have been mentioned to occur after installation. Not many, but still.

I don't understand how we can be made to accept this. I will opt out. That leaves 12 meters behind my head. I understand from BGE that it is only two cumulative minutes per day. That is 26 minutes per day on a 24/7 basis

There is an election coming up. Does anyone care about those of us that do not have money and lobbyists?

Lynn Jacobson, Baltimore


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