Cardin ready to be attorney general [Letter]

I have known Del. Jon Cardin for 20 years, and the Jon Cardin I know is one of the hardest workers in Annapolis. He is ready to be Maryland's next attorney general ("Cardin regrets missed committee votes, defends absences," May 8).

During his 12-year career in the House of Delegates, he has a nearly 100 percent attendance record. He has passed significant legislation on voting rights, public safety and environmental protection, and he has been a consistent voice for progressive policies across the board.


As someone with knowledge of some of the personal reasons behind Mr. Cardin's absences from committee meetings, I feel that bringing a candidate's personal life into this race is an act of political theater, usually done as a last resort when opponents are down in the polls.

Mr. Cardin represents a new brand of leader who will fight day in and day out to protect our families from new threats in this rapidly changing world. As a public servant, candidate for attorney general and parent of 2-year-old with another child on the way, he understands the unique challenges facing working families in a way his opponents clearly cannot.


Finally, as the article mentioned, there was not a single instance where Mr. Cardin's absence affected the outcome of a bill, and he made sure of this with his committee chairwoman. As the next attorney general, Mr. Cardin will always get the job done and make sure you and your family are protected.

Lawrence S. Greenberg, Baltimore


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