Former assistant AGs: Frosh has the judgment, experience to be attorney general [Letter]

Each of us has had the privilege of serving as second in command of the Maryland Attorney General's Office. We've seen first hand how important the office is to citizens and businesses in Maryland, and we know that state Sen. Brian Frosh has the judgment, experience and courage it takes to be an effective champion for the people of Maryland.

Brian has been a hardworking and highly regarded member of the legislature since his election in 1986 and, since 2003, chairman of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. He has an intimate knowledge of how government agencies work and will assure that they obey the law and spend taxpayer dollars wisely. He knows how to collaborate with federal, state and local law enforcement officials to fight crime and protect families.


Brian has the expertise and determination needed to take on lawbreakers who defraud consumers and Medicaid programs, pollute our environment or use unfair practices to limit competition or control prices. Particularly important, as both a lawyer and lawmaker, Brian has earned the respect that will attract highly qualified and dedicated lawyers to serve as assistant attorneys general.

Brian Frosh has authored landmark legislation on topics ranging from the environment to consumer protection to gun safety to domestic violence. He knows how to enforce these laws.


We strongly believe that Brian Frosh is by far the best qualified to become Maryland's next attorney general and urge all Maryland Democratic primary voters to join us in voting for him on June 24th.

Eleanor M. Carey

Norman E. Parker Jr.

Maureen M. Dove

Donna Hill Staton

Henry R. Lord

Paul F. Strain

George A. Nilson


Ralph S. Tyler


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