On Benghazi Cummings defends his party, ignores the truth [Letter]

Rep. Elijah Cummings, like so many elected officials, would rather defend his party at all cost and retain his position of power than defend truth and his sworn oath ("Benghazi probe puts Cummings back in spotlight," May 2).

It is obvious that the Obama administration's incompetence and lack of leadership has resulted in bungled situation after situation, including the response to the terrorist attack in Libya. The fight took several hours yet planes and other resources less than two hours away in Italy remained grounded.


Could any of the four Americans left to fight hundreds of Islamic radicals have been saved? No one knows. What we do know is they got no help and murdered without any attempt at rescue at all.

Any reporter or news outlet worth their salt would challenge the Obama administration, but many refuse to do so because he is a black man and a Democrat. I am surprised George W. Bush hasn't gotten the blame for this.


Elijah Cummings is partly to blame for Libya and the many other failures of this administration because he has not held our president and his appointees, such as Hillary Clinton, accountable, even though that is what we are paying him to do.

Mike Snyder, Havre De Grace


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