Keeping students safe from sexual assaults [Letter]

I appreciate the Sun's recent coverage of the issue of sexual assault on college campuses ("New guidelines to battle sexual assault at colleges," April 29). Towson University is committed to preventing sexual assault and promoting the safest possible environment for our students.

In addition to our strong commitment to address sexual assault, Towson University is one of the 10 institutions that formed The Maryland Collaborative. The Maryland Collaborative was established to reduce college drinking and related problems through the application of a range of evidence-based strategies. Numerous studies have found a direct relationship between alcohol use and sexual assault on campus.

Alcohol use and misuse among the college age population must be part of the constructive dialogue and strategic intervention when addressing the complex issue of sexual assault. We take our responsibility for our students' safety and well-being very seriously and are committed to using the best that science, data and practical experience can teach us to create environments where our students can be safe, secure and successful.

Maravene S. Loeschke, Towson

The writer is president of Towson University.

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