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Don't shed tears for a killer's 'botched' execution [Letter]

Once again the bleeding hearts of this country are crying over the so-called botched execution of a man who tortured, raped, shot then buried alive a 19-year-old recent high school graduate ("Fresh execution questions," May 1). Why aren't those tears being shed over Stephanie Neiman? She was a young woman just entering into her adulthood and all the possibilities of her future. That future ended when Clayton Lockett took her life. He never gave a thought as to the pain and horror he was inflicting on his victim. He could have cared less. Her poor family lost the opportunity of seeing Stephanie continue with her education, meet and fall in love, get married and have children some day. All of these hopes ended in 1999.

So now we are supposed to shed tears and hold our heads in shame because Lockett may have suffered. Sorry, I say too bad. He should have been executed years ago, not 14 years after the crime. How long did he suffer? How long did Stephanie suffer, gasping for breath while dirt was being thrown over her? Minutes, hours while Lockett watched? The Neiman family has suffered 14 years, and their suffering will never end. It may lighten somewhat with God's help. So don't ask me to shed a tear or hold my head down. My tears are shed for Stephanie and her family.

JoAnn Parrish, Glen Burnie

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