Background checks of coaches are overdue [Letter]

The Sun's "Checking on the coach" (April 23) editorial is probably the most ill-informed and misguided piece of commentary you have ever published. For starters, the cost to perform a background check on youth sport coaches and volunteers was greatly exaggerated. Also, the editors of The Sun expressed concern about "sticking" local recreation councils with the bill when Baltimore County already does that on too many fronts to count.

It is also concerning that Council Chairwoman Cathy Bevins was "shocked" to discover that background checks were not required within Baltimore County and that The Sun is currently advising the council to wait on taking action. Since 2009, I have been bringing this issue to the attention of both county and state leaders via direct communication with former County Executive Jim Smith, former Recreation and Parks Director Bob Barrett, Councilman Tom Quirk, outgoing Dels. Jimmy Malone and Steve Deboy and state Sen. Edward Kasemeyer. I was even interviewed by local TV news back in 2009 when a Baltimore County private school soccer coach was arrested (and later convicted) for sexual solicitation of a minor.

This issue and Baltimore County's lack of action is nothing new, and the editors of The Sun should know that and be pushing our elected leaders to do more to protect our kids.

Ken Rohrer, Catonsville

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