McCarthy was right to fear communist takeover [Letter]

David Zurawik's column ("'Fox and Friends' mistreats Elijah Cummings on IRS emails story," April 18) is interesting and is quite obviously written by an Obama administration supporter. Fair enough. It didn't take me very long to take umbrage at what the author had written — as a matter of fact, it was paragraph number one! To be fair here, I cannot recall the context of the Fox News show during which these "transgressions" were to have taken place, so in fairness to Mr. Zurawik and the Fox crew, I will not comment on that.

Mr. Zurawik appears to be at least as old as myself, and I do recall the McCarthy era. This is where the author either has made legitimate mistakes or he has chosen to forget exactly what it was that the senator was about. Let me get this out of the way before I go on: I know that Joe McCarthy was "unusual" in his pursuit of communists in our government. He was doggedly tenacious, even eccentric, and he upset a whole lot of people, mainly the communists whom he was "uncovering" for the light of day. He identified some of them by name, and they didn't like that at all. It wasn't "fashionable" during those times to be a "card-carrying communist," as some of them clearly were. He also exposed Hollywood as a center for communist membership, and that didn't go over very well either.

The communists destroyed him by using a tactic right out of their manifesto. They destroyed his credibility by making him to appear the fool. They ridiculed him as "seeing a communist under every bed and in every closet," and the dumbed down American public bought it hook, line and sinker, as the saying goes, and Joe became irrelevant. Guess what? Old Joe had it right in the 1950s! Those Commies he saw under every bed are now out from under their beds and out of their closets and are now running this nation, from president of the United States to Congress, to the presidents of our institutions of higher learning, to our banks and lending institutions and throughout the tapestry of this once great nation!

So as far as "truth" goes, this author probably is incapable of recognizing the truth. At least he shows his ignorance of our history. I would ask him one question though, since he is so concerned with finding the truth: How does this set with you? Remember the promise, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor or if you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance? To paraphrase Jack Nicholson in "A Few Good Men," Mr. Zurawik, you can't handle the truth.

Robert Di Stefano, Abingdon

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