Southern Democrats and tea party Republicans [Letter]

Kevin Kallaugher's recent political cartoon showed a mongrel dog labeled TEA PARTY attacking the coattails of President Barack Obama ("Dogged opposition," April 13).

Johnson is commiserating with the president on the struggles he encountered 50 years ago as he tried to pass civil rights legislation, remarking on "the dogged ignorance that was on display" at the time.

But where is the bigoted mongrel gnawing on LBJ's boots and sporting a tag that reads SOUTHERN DEMOCRATS?

Did KAL forget that it was the Southern Democrats, led by Sen. Richard Russell of Georgia, who filibustered for 54 days to block passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act?

Those were Democrats who were against social equality and racial integration in the South, and it's dishonest of KAL's cartoon to leave them out.

Kathy Novak, Towson

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