Ban E-cigarettes in the stadium [Letter]

Opening day 2014 last week was a blast ("Opening Day is magic for fans as weather breaks and Orioles win," March 31).

My husband and I went with our son and daughter-in-law, and we will come again to other games with our grandchildren, ages 4, 5 and 13.

On Monday, there were two boys who were about 10 sitting two rows away who craned their necks each time the adults in the row between us "lit up" their electronic cigarettes. The boys were clearly being exposed to something new, judging from their staring and gesticulations.

The Orioles have curtailed cigarette use in the audience bowl of the stadium. This is a good thing: First-, second- and third-hand smoke kills. "Vaping" plainly models smoking behaviors to children. This is what I observed in the stands on opening day.

Baseball is America's family sport, and the game should be as wholesome as possible for our little ones. The FDA is concerned that e-cigarettes can increase nicotine addiction in young people, that they may contain toxic ingredients and that there have been no clinical studies to determine their safety.

All of us, including the Orioles, should act to limit the use of e-cigarettes to places set aside for smokers. The smokers near us were not the only users of e-cigarettes in the audience, and I presume their numbers will grow as the season progresses. We need to nip this unwholesome, addiction- and smoking-related behavior in the bud.

Norma Kanarek, Baltimore

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