Vets deserve better support [Letter]

Sadly, it seems that the old "going postal" concept has been geographically supplanted by the recent carnage at U.S. Army bases that have been transformed into shooting galleries, most notably Fort Hood, Texas ("Fort Hood shooting: Iraq vet was being treated for mental health issues," April 3).

If this trend doesn't send up a major red flag regarding post-combat counseling, I do not know what will. These veterans are treasured people, mostly very young kids, male and female alike. They should be privy to only the premium mental health care when returning from combat and struggling with post traumatic stress disorder. Isn't that the very least we can do as fellow Americans for these brave people who put their lives in peril while faithfully serving their country? Are we truly investing appropriate resources toward the mental rehabilitation of returning vets? I think not.

I am sure it is tough enough for a veteran who comes home and faces obstacles to re-acclimate to society. In return, our government should readily invest in all the resources needed to attend to the mental betterment of our PTSD veterans. It is simply the right and just thing to do.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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