Terps deserve more coverage [Letter]

Thank you for your editorial comments about Maryland women's basketball and their incomparable star, Alyssa Thomas ("Remember her name," April 1). I know her and have seen nearly all of her home games.

You ask the question about why Ms. Thomas is not better known, and I suggest you look to your own sports section for the answer. The Sun seems to have no problem giving heavy coverage to the mediocre Maryland men's program but can't be bothered to cover the women's team directly. Fortunately, The Washington Post and reporter Gene Wang give excellent coverage, which is "borrowed" by The Sun. I don't really know what the problem is, but I have to think that perhaps if the women had different anatomy, they would get the coverage they so richly deserve here in Baltimore.

Last season, The Sun actually deigned to send one of their year-round Ravens reporters to College Park for what turned out to be the last home game the women would play against Duke University. The Terps were devastated by injuries and played with a very short bench all season. Duke took advantage and played a very physical game to beat Maryland. Your reporter whined about getting caught in a big traffic jam and excoriated the Terps for causing him such inconvenience only to cover a loss. Look at the amazing job Brenda Frese did to get the Terps into the NCAA tourney with such a decimated roster and the job Alyssa Thomas did carrying the team on her back all season. This year, with a healthy team, Maryland continues to play and Ms. Thomas only carries the team when required, not every game.

The Sun, to give credit, does a great job covering women's lacrosse which The Post barely recognizes as a sport and covers both Terps teams quite well. But with a consistently superior basketball program that regularly recruits exceptional talent, The Sun would do well to replicate it's lacrosse coverage and directly cover this great basketball program. The University of Maryland is, after all, the state university of the entire state of Maryland, and last time I looked, Baltimore is still part of Maryland. The Sun does a great job of covering high school basketball for both boys and girls. Perhaps by covering the Terps women's basketball team as well, even more of our great in-state female athletes will choose to play in College Park, ensuring continued excellence and even more lines in The Sun.

Best of luck to our Terps. Win or lose, they've given us great basketball and a once-in-a-lifetime player in Alyssa Thomas to cheer on. Thank you.

Mike Baker, Baltimore

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