Thomas and Terps make us proud [Letter]

Thank you for that wonderful editorial about our University of Maryland women's basketball treasure, Alyssa Thomas and the team ("Remember her name," April 1). As an alumnus and season ticket holder, I have always wondered at the lack of coverage (one never sees the weekly rankings of the women's team, despite our local team usually ranked in the top 10) and the lack of fan support.

Season tickets are a bargain and the quality of play is top notch. If you were not at Comcast Center you missed a chance to watch the Terps almost beat Notre Dame and Connecticut this season. And by the way, these lady Terps are really student athletes. Check out their academic accomplishments.

With their berth in the Final Four, they have represented our flagship University of Maryland in a manner that should make all Marylanders proud.

Go Terps!

Kenneth Hoffman

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