Inner Arbor plan for Symphony Woods is right for Columbia's future [Letter]

In February, the Columbia Association took the bold move to endorse the Inner Arbor plan for Symphony Woods and to create the Inner Arbor Trust, Inc., setting in motion the creation of an iconic arts and culture park in Symphony Woods ("CA vows to keep Symphony Woods name," March 25).

The Columbia Association is partnering with Howard County and Merriweather Post Pavilion to develop the core of an arts district in downtown.


As a lifelong Columbia resident, a proud graduate of the Howard County Public School System and mother of two children growing up in Columbia, I am committed to the ideals of Columbia. I love Columbia and have served this community as a PTA member at my children's school, a Girl Scout volunteer and as a Wilde Lake Village board member who voted to create the Inner Arbor Trust, Inc.

I am proud of that vote, and stand behind the difficult decision the board took to entrust Symphony Woods to professional management and vision and look toward the Columbia we would create for our children and grandchildren rather than being concerned only with the past.


I am aware that this decision probably cost me my seat on the board; however, I would vote again for the Columbia of the future, not the past.

As town founder James Rouse said, cities must be fun. The Inner Arbor's innovative design and respect for the forest is truly in the spirit of Rouse. Symphony Woods and Merriweather Post Pavilion, are poised to make this community a premier arts destination and to revitalize downtown.

I support this vision as a long-time Columbian committed to the vision of Rouse, and as a parent creating a vibrant community for all children.

Regina Clay, Columbia


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