Academy rape trial aftermath [Letter]

So the male football player found not guilty of rape at a court-martial will none the less be dismissed from the U.S. Naval Academy for having lied to investigators about the very charge he was found not guilty of ("Mid not guilty of sex assault," March 21).

On the other hand, his accuser whose name is never mentioned "as a matter of newspaper policy" will be allowed to continue at the Academy and will likely become a Naval officer despite the fact she exhibited bad behavior. She had sex with others at the same party that same night that involved different football players that was apparently deemed consensual by even the alleged victim. Remember got herself drunk before even going to the toga/yoga party at an off-campus football team hosted party. She did her pre-party drinking while both underage and on campus, which are both illegal activities. She was, of course, not prosecuted for that.


As to the sex victim advocates and others who think the accused and the other two football players whose charges were dropped earlier did not get their just deserts under the allegedly corrupt military legal system, I have this question for you: Why are you not demanding the Anne Arundel County State's Attorney, a woman, bring rape charges against the three players? The party was in Anne Arundel, and Maryland as a separate sovereign can prosecute since it is not double jeopardy. Let them teach the military how to properly prosecute sex crimes.

The reason there is no demand to do this is the naysayers are only interested in making the military look bad. Also, civilian prosecutors do not like to lose at trial, as they would here.


Wayne L. Johnson, Alexandria, Va.

The writer is a retired commander in the U.S. Navy's Judge Advocate General Corps.


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