Middleton deserves praise [Letter]

State Sen. Thomas M. Middleton deserves praise, as do The Sun and reporter Tim Wheeler for calling attention to the issue of caregivers for developmentally disabled individuals ("Senator says he'll block minimum wage bill until the state raises pay for caregivers," March 20).

Too often we forget the people who make it possible for many others to live productive, healthy and safe lives. Not all caregivers are paid, but ask any parent or other family member trusted with providing care to a child, sibling or parent how hard the task is and be prepared to hear how much of their life it consumes. Family members do it from a sense of obligation and love, and those who take this on as a career may feel some of those same things, but in the end, we as a society can not afford to rely on that to ensure that the best people do this job.

The day can come when anyone needs a caregiver. Ask yourself, who would you want to do it for you and what would you be willing to pay for the best person?

Martin Lampner, Baltimore

The writer is president and CEO of Chimes International.

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