Palestinians aren't the victims [Letter]

You published yet another misleading letter which claimed that the so-called "Palestinians" are the "actual victims" ("American Studies Association debate ignores the real victims," March 13). There are 1 million Israeli citizens in the south of Israel who have been living in bomb shelters or within a 15-second dash of one for a decade now because "Palestinian victims" have been firing rockets into Israeli civilian areas for years. Over 50 rockets landed in Israeli towns just this week — a war crime if ever there was one. Who is the victim there and who is the criminal?

While the letter claimed that the Palestinian terrorists are "living under apartheid conditions, trapped behind barricades and slowly starving to death," the reality is that the United Nations has been lavishly feeding them for generations — since before Israel's victory in 1967. Borders are not barricades and are normal for every country (even the Egyptians don't want to have anything to do with Gaza). The hundreds of thousands who really are starving to death are in Syria and nowhere near Gaza, but leftist radicals care not for them because it has nothing to do with Israel.

If the American Studies Association cared about human rights, there are dozens of countries that deserve vastly more criticism than Israel. Obviously the ASA cares about something else, then.

Jake Livni, Jerusalem

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