Issa deserves censure for his treatment of Cummings [Letter]

Constituents of Rep. Elijah Cummings might want to Google the March 5 House Oversight Committee hearing on the Internal Revenue Service ("Cummings cut off at IRS hearing," March 5). They undoubtedly will be appalled by the rude treatment of our congressman by Chairman Darrell Issa, a California Republican.

Rep. Cummings asked for the floor for a procedural question before the hearing was gaveled to an end but was met by Rep. Issa's unacceptable behavior. he ignored Mr. Cummings' question, spoke over him, interrupted him to speak to someone else and then turned off Mr. Cummings microphone, turning his back and finally walking out on him.

I would imagine that Mr. Cummings' constituents and indeed his colleagues feel extremely insulted by the rude, uncivil and yes, racist behavior by Mr. Issa. Some sort of congressional censure seems to be in order.

Margaret Baldridge, Baltimore

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