White Marsh outlet mall traffic wouldn't affect Bowleys Quarters [Letter]

Your story regarding a proposed outlet mall in White Marsh quoted Allen Robertson as a representative of a community group in Bowleys Quarters that would be affected by the development ("Developer eyes outlet mall along I-95 in White Marsh," Jan. 24).

Bowleys Quarters is located several miles from the proposed site and is at least a 15-minute drive away. I would urge your reporters and editors to take a look at a map before deciding who you solicit comments from.

Had you done so you would have easily determined that Mr. Robertson and his group are no more affected by potential traffic from this project than would be the residents of Towson, Essex, Middle River or other areas within that 15-minute zone.

While your reporters got a quote from County Councilman David Marks representing White Marsh, it would have been instructive for them to have asked Mr. Marks what community groups he might suggest be contacted to provide feedback on the project's impact. Without a doubt, he would not have offered up a community group 15 minutes away and in another district no less.

For the record, Mr. Robertson represents a community group that he formed several years ago when a local project he opposed was supported by the 75-year-old Bowleys Quarters Improvement Association. He does not necessarily represent the views of the overall community, only those of his group.

David Hash, Middle River

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