Sun gives the Inner Harbor a bad name [Letter]

Your headline writers and editors need to learn where the Inner Harbor is and consider the negative, false impression they are giving the world about Baltimore's "crown jewel" ("Body found in Inner Harbor is ninth in recent months," Feb. 28).

Though the headline said nine dead bodies have been found in the Inner Harbor in recent months, only one was actually in the Inner Harbor, and that one is considered a suicide by police.

The map showing the nine locations was labeled "Bodies found in the Inner Harbor," although eight of them were outside of it: two at Harbor East, two at Fells Point, two at Port Covington and one each at Canton, the Canton Industrial Area and Harborview.

The photo caption on the same page says that a body found at the foot of Clinton Street was "near the mouth of the Inner Harbor," which is almost two miles away.

The point is that The Sun wrongfully laid those deaths at the Inner Harbor, which is a symbol of Baltimore for the rest of the world, because the editors apparently do not know that the Inner Harbor lies within the boundaries of Pratt Street, Light Street, Key Highway and the Jones Falls.

According to the story, there was no foul play reported in any of the deaths, but The Sun's misstatements give the impression that life is not safe in the Inner Harbor — a blow to the city's image and international reputation. Already, the story is appearing on Google and, presumably, countless social networks.

What kind of correction can undo that sort of damage? To complain may seem insulting to the families of the deceased, but the responsible people at The Sun at least need to learn the facts and try to make sure the error is not repeated in future references to the Inner Harbor.

Martin L. Millspaugh, Baltimore

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