Police identify 67-year-old man who died after struggle with MTA officers

Baltimore police identified the 67-year-old man who died after a struggle with Maryland Transit officers on a bus Tuesday morning as Antonio Moreno.

The officers responded to the bus in the 1100 block of Cloverdale Rd., where Moreno reportedly was assaulting the bus driver and another rider, MTA spokeswoman Paulette Austrich said.

Moreno, of the 5400 block of Park Heights Ave., was being combative and had a heart attack when four officers attempted to restrain him, Austrich said. Moreno was revived through CPR and taken to Maryland General Hospital, but once there he had another heart attack and died.

Austrich said the officers involved have been put on administrative duties and placed under a "command review," which is agency protocol. Austrich said the bus driver was being offered "counseling to deal with the traumatic situation of a death that occurred during the course of duty."

The death investigation, meanwhile, was referred to the Baltimore Police Department's professional standards and accountability bureau to "allow a transparent and independent investigation."

"This is the first custodial death we can remember," said MTA police Chief John E. Gavrilis in a statement. Gavrilis, who spent 26 years with the Baltimore Police Department, has led the transit police force since 2004.

Austrich said Moreno has a "history of emergency petitions," most recently Aug. 9, 2013.

Such petitions can allow authorities to involuntarily hospitalize people suspected of having mental disorders and being violent or suicidal.

A search of Maryland court records found no criminal history for Moreno, who police originally reported was 68.



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