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PTA Council members weren't 'bullied' over schedule change [Letter]

I was in attendance at the recent Baltimore County PTA Council meeting mentioned by letter writer Laura McDowell, and I can assure you that her description of the meeting is inaccurate and actually a bit offensive ("Hereford bullies," Feb. 26).

Although the number of representatives from high schools across the county was low, I have attended several PTA Council meetings, and low attendance is unfortunately typical.

The PTSA at Loch Raven supports the new schedule change for Loch Raven. With that said, I voted along with the majority in attendance in favor of the motion to ask county School Superintendent Dallas Dance to delay the mandate.

The reasoning behind my vote is that parents, teachers and other stakeholders should have had their opinions heard and considered before the schedule change mandate was enacted. I felt in no way "bullied" by any other representatives present at the meeting.

My vote was based upon the majority opinion of the PTSA board members at Loch Raven High School, not because I was "bullied" by anyone from Hereford High School.

There were representatives from one high school at the meeting who voted against the motion. However, it was clear, based upon their arguments, that they misunderstood the basis of the motion.

Like Loch Raven, they accepted and were looking forward to their schedule change. However, the motion presented was not based on whether we wanted or accepted the schedule change at our specific schools. The motion asked for a delay in implementation of the mandate to allow input from parents regarding whether or not the schedule change mandate should be enforced for all Baltimore County high schools.

Christina Pumphrey

The writer is president of the Loch Raven High School Parent Teacher Student Association.

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