A capitalist's case for the chair in the parking space [Letter]

I found your article "The chair in the parking space: A symbol of incivility" (Feb. 19) ridiculous. Unless we have all moved to mother Russia, this is a capitalistic society where people reap the benefits of their labor. To think that a person can spend hours shoveling out a spot and then be willing the have the next person who did no shoveling take that space that they worked hard clearing is ridiculous.

If a non-shoveling person takes your spot, where are you supposed to park? Or are you supposed to again shovel a new spot for the next freeloader to take?

In a perfect world, everyone would shovel every spot, and they would be open to everyone. However, this is not a perfect world, and there will always be the people who shovel and the people who want to take their spots.

Jeanne M. Smith, Baltimore

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