The chair in the parking space is a time-honored tradition [Letter]

The best word to describe letter writer David Kulick's argument against people leaving chairs in freshly shoveled parking spaces is "unbelievable" ("The chair in the parking space: A symbol of incivility," Feb. 19).

It is a time-honored urban tradition to mark your space with a chair. How anyone would not react angrily to an individual acting as a "squatter" in a space someone else has dug out is simply beyond comprehension. It is a blatant act of incivility and disrespect to park in a spot after someone has expended hours of effort to remove the snow and clear the space.

The idea of a citizen doing a good deed for the community by clearing a parking space is commendable. However, that assumes the act was done "voluntarily." My guess is that not many folks are shoveling their parking space voluntarily. They are expending effort to become mobile after a storm and generally are not compensated for their effort.

It is certainly not a "self-serving" attitude to place a chair in a shoveled spot. Rather, it is a sign that someone had the gumption and wherewithal to dig out a space to get on with life.

They made an individual effort and sacrifice to get the job done without assistance from anyone, including the nanny state. All they are asking for in return is the space they rightfully should occupy.

Lou Fritz, Baltimore

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