Angelos won't pay for talent [Letter]

I am dismayed that Mr. Angelos is claiming that "the Orioles are not in a position to compete on an economic level with baseball's big-revenue teams" ("Not affording a free-agent pitcher like Bronson Arroyo could cost the Orioles," Feb. 8).

I guess having 2.4 million fans with the resultant parking and concession revenue, along with MASN revenue, puts the Orioles at a competitive disadvantage.


Mr. Angelos should know that I, for one, will stop attending Orioles games because it is obvious that my desire to support the team is offset by Mr. Angelos' inability to spend any money on free agents to help make it competitive.

Granted, he cannot spend as much as the Yankees and Red Sox. But as I look at the potential team roster I am amazed at the number of unknown and minor league-level players that Mr. Angelos expects us to spend our hard-earned money to see.


I will be watching the games at home for free so I can also be judicious with my money in these hard economic times. I, like Mr. Angelos, cannot afford to compete with the corporate attendees and the 1 percenters who can afford to throw away their money on a substandard product.

Steve Katz


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