An armed society is a polite society [Letter]

Professor of genocide studies Samuel Totten writes drivel that is more puff piece than serious commentary ("Congress capitulates to the NRA," Jan. 28). For him, evidently feelings are king, while thought or science are just annoying facts that get in the way.

Most people at the site of the Columbia Mall shooting did not see the shooter or the shotgun he used. But almost everyone saw pistols, rifles, shotguns, assault rifles and other assorted weapons in hands, on hips, or strapped to a leg.

Were I a betting man the bet would be that everyone there saw a gun attached to someone that day. The someone was probably a law-abiding cop.

What the mall shooting proves is that the guns in hands of policemen are protecting policemen. They are not dummies. They want a chance to get home to their wives and kids and stay healthy enough to go to work tomorrow. It's the reason why cops have a gun.

The mall shooting taught me that an armed society is a polite society. Background checks are a waste of my money and a cop's time. Maryland spent millions on background checks. A great cop spends one solid year on background checks to make two arrests. Is that a great use of $100,000 in compensation?

Another thing that the mall shooting confirmed is that a bullet to the brain stopped the carnage just like it did in Newtown. The question of the day is how can our society deliver that medicine faster? I will take that AR-15 and a pistol on my hip just like the cops.

Bill Krehnbrink

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